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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marvel Super Heroes


Ever noticed how consensus reality is full of pressing issues of immense proportions? For example: is there a God who honestly gives a BEEP? Or, would it be the Incredible Hulk or would it be the Amazing Spider-Man emerging victorious if the two were doing honest battle against each other? This here 1995 Capcom delivery Marvel Super Heroes aims to address some of those pressing issues via ruthless efficiency, putting a solid selection of comic book characters from the Marvel universe into a flamboyant 2D fray with the superhumanic cartoon anatomy all over the place. As proud successor to X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes refines key gameplay mechanics utilized in the aforementioned originator, giving you the interactive comic book collision you were secretly longing for, but - were too afraid to ask for.

Enjoy and Read on!

The great post-apocalyptic personcrusher, Killer Instinct and Marvel Super Heroes do share some similarities. Neither of these games have anything way too direct to do with profound foot fetishism, yet both do come with six action buttons. The most essential trait this here delivery is- and always will be proud to entertain you with, is a refined variant of what Capcom calls the Magic Series combo system.

This method of administering thoroughly researched punishment is based upon the respective relations between the six action buttons and the respective Specials possessed by the different characters. Have I managed to make some room for the sense, too? Then let me deliver that, as the system works more easier than it sounds. The game knows of different kinds of relation patterns established among the offensive basic maneuvers. These are delicate, invisible structures that determine if a certain action may- or may not follow an earlier action in order to form a combo. Utilizing only these basic relations will not take you beyond combos dealing damage via two- or three connections, though. The basic relation pattern your character uses will become the glue you connect maneuvers with, while the true name of the game here is to find and master the possibilities of incorporating more and more offensive moves into streams of ruthless declaration.

Once you are familiar with the pattern your chosen character uses, - there are patterns shared by multiple characters and there are unique ones, please consult the Guide at the end of the article or suffer 999 nervous breakdowns and repeat - you want to introduce different kinds of openers to start out your statement, and, surely, you want to incorporate your Specials into the relatively short base combos that the relation patterns are able to produce on their own. The possibility of incorporating Specials into the combos - is of vital importance. Perhaps you will heed these words if they will be resonated by The Magneto himself!

HAH!, Spider-Man! You OBVIOUSLY fail to see that incorporating
Specials into combos is of VITAL importance. As such: BE CRUSHED!

The Magic Series combo system exhibits sober balance between flexibility and rigorousness, inviting you not only to master potent combos, but to explore if you could bid farewell to a suggested limit via creativity and inventiveness. Marvel Super Heroes encourages you to master the basic moves and to develop new combos via presenting the possibility of taking the fight to the air. Each character is able to produce a Super-Jump, which is a much more pronounced form of spatial alteration of the self than your everyday average TV session would consort with.

Getting airborne with your character is great fun and here is why: while in the air, you have all the time in the world - plus/minus some casual Eons - to decide what form of radical atrocity you will punish the Below by, or, if the enemy has no will waiting around to be sufferer of your verdict, she/he could either prepare some surprises for you, - as you will not see the opponent if you are in the air solo, you will only see an indication of the physical location of her/him - or, the enemy could join you in the skies to wage war with the epic pale cable rainbow behind your back, who - the pale cable rainbow, that is - is a regular mental construct here at Mamereview.

There are good reasons to invite your rival to the skies. First and foremost, there is a particular relation pattern utilizable by each character - see the Guide below - that will punish the airborne opposition via a solid Air Combo that could be finished uniquely on a per character basis. In fact, a whole, related subsystem is included, in which the significance of moves that do send superheroic sitorgans to the air, does become quite relevant. As such: there is an option of going airborne, and, if your opponent is not too keen of doing that, then there always is option of forcing her/him to do so nevertheless.

Definite issues?! What do you MEAN definite issues?!

Marvel Super Heroes is heavily fixated on the concept of Infinity, hence the accessibility of Infinity Specials and Infinity Counters. Do not be as excited as you would be if you were twice the time as excited as I urge you to be not to, as the Infinity system is nothing less nor nothing more than a solid novelty-addition that lets you invoke - !oorgle! - special Specials - !oorgle! - once certain conditions are met. These requirements are simple enough. Noticed the Infinity Bar yet? No? Doh! Then notice the Infinity Bar, please. Noticed the Infinity Bar yet? Yes? Coolness.

Also notice: as you connect with successful attacks, this bar will gradually fill up until you see a number at its top. This number tells you the current levels of the Infinities you are in possession of. Some characters are able to store multiple Infinity levels, while others are capable to store only a single Infinity level. Either way, once at least one Infinity meter is accessible to your character, then you are ready to resonate your Infinity Special. The command for this is the same for all characters and it surely involves some good old fashioned simultaneous button smashing. Nothing too difficult, though. While Infinity Specials usually deliver a massive amount of damage, they become the most effective if used as part of a combo. Infinity Counters can only be used if certain, delicate conditions are met, though my experience shows that you have the best chance of executing an Infinity Counter if you have no desire to do so at all. Hah!

Infinity Gems? Do. Not. Swallow.

Indeed, Infinity Gems are nice additions that will give you and your opponent temporary superpowers if possessed and - then - used. Infinity Gems will be offered by the game each time a First Attack is administered, though each round will give some of these commodities for one- or both of the current fighters. There are six different types of Gems in the game, each coming with a different color and a different name. To use a Gem up, you need to give in the consensus command each characters do rely on to achieve this effect. A certain Gem will speed you up tremendously, - Time - while an other one will make your attacks more powerful - Power. One will give you the ability to shoot projectiles - Reality Gem - and one will grant a skin of granite to you for a short period of time: Space Gem. Well - actually, there is ONE type of Infinity Gem left yet. This commodity gives you temporal invincibility. Naaah! It regenerates your health bar. Naaah! OK, one of these variants does correlate with the truth, trust me. Nice perspectives, yes?

All characters have a Gem they are the most efficient with and there will be extra conditions present on a per character basis whenever a Gem is used. For example: the recovery time of Hulk's Fierce punch will be so short if the Time Gem is used that it is an utter sin to not to deconstruct your rival to a pulp while the Gem invites you to.

You can have more than one Gems in your possession at any given time. To cycle through multiple Gems, you can use the Start button. Or any other ones. But those will not necessarily deliver the same result, mind you. There will be occasions when your rival obtains the Gem which you were so desperately longing for. No problem! Score a Special attack on that hostile sitorgan and its bearer will drop the Gem which is so kind to you. Be aware though! If you are successfully assaulted - oxymoron? - by a Special and you have an unused Gem selected, - though not activated - then the selected Gem will be dropped. Question arises: what if you have more than ONE Gem when you get hit by a Special? And the Question remains a Mystery, waiting to be solved by our Dearest Visitors here at Mamereview.

"Shut the f*ck up with that song already!"

The game has a nice set of neat little extras, like the ability to "Tech-Hit" a throw attempt, by which you can avoid a potential slam. A Safety Roll also is implemented in the game, which is an elegant maneuver that lets you regain your composure after a knockdown in a way that may exhibit potential threat to your rival by positioning you right into attack position instead of the napping position.

The characters in Marvel Super Heroes have a relatively limited set of Special moves, yet, fortunately all regular moves are suitable to be connected into a certain Special move. This will give you an increased level of freedom to invent combos, though forming- and executing more advanced maneuvers will demand definite PPP. That is practice, patience and precision, my precious. I would tell you to consult the Guide at the end of the article for more information, and, hell, I will, too! Please consult the Guide at the end of the article for more information. As you already have seen by now, instead of delivering Specials on their own, Marvel Super Heroes invites you to form and press emphasis on incorporating moves - including Specials - within suitable connector moves, hence forming more complex series of actions.

Marvel Super Heroes remains a solid delivery to this day, one which captures the Marvel comic atmosphere with a strict and conscious hand, yet does not fail to deliver the good old Capcom Cheesiness Factor, proudly relying on the usual, incomprehensibly bad voice acting and pink music of riskless silicon thrills. The game includes Capcom's Trademark Terrible Announcer whom you hear in every single installment the company was gracious enough to produce, but, what is even better than this, is the fact that the respective names of the Special moves will thoroughly be exclaimed upon Special move introduction! Iron Man's Proton Cannon is not suitable for anyone under the age of 1 000 000, and, from then on: it is pure fun, anyway.

Marvel Super Heroes Guide

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