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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marvel Super Heroes


Ever noticed how consensus reality is full of pressing issues of immense proportions? For example: is there a God who honestly gives a BEEP? Or, would it be the Incredible Hulk or would it be the Amazing Spider-Man emerging victorious if the two were doing honest battle against each other? This here 1995 Capcom delivery Marvel Super Heroes aims to address some of those pressing issues via ruthless efficiency, putting a solid selection of comic book characters from the Marvel universe into a flamboyant 2D fray with the superhumanic cartoon anatomy all over the place. As proud successor to X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes refines key gameplay mechanics utilized in the aforementioned originator, giving you the interactive comic book collision you were secretly longing for, but - were too afraid to ask for.

Enjoy and Read on!

The great post-apocalyptic personcrusher, Killer Instinct and Marvel Super Heroes do share some similarities. Neither of these games have anything way too direct to do with profound foot fetishism, yet both do come with six action buttons. The most essential trait this here delivery is- and always will be proud to entertain you with, is a refined variant of what Capcom calls the Magic Series combo system.

This method of administering thoroughly researched punishment is based upon the respective relations between the six action buttons and the respective Specials possessed by the different characters. Have I managed to make some room for the sense, too? Then let me deliver that, as the system works more easier than it sounds. The game knows of different kinds of relation patterns established among the offensive basic maneuvers. These are delicate, invisible structures that determine if a certain action may- or may not follow an earlier action in order to form a combo. Utilizing only these basic relations will not take you beyond combos dealing damage via two- or three connections, though. The basic relation pattern your character uses will become the glue you connect maneuvers with, while the true name of the game here is to find and master the possibilities of incorporating more and more offensive moves into streams of ruthless declaration.

Once you are familiar with the pattern your chosen character uses, - there are patterns shared by multiple characters and there are unique ones, please consult the Guide at the end of the article or suffer 999 nervous breakdowns and repeat - you want to introduce different kinds of openers to start out your statement, and, surely, you want to incorporate your Specials into the relatively short base combos that the relation patterns are able to produce on their own. The possibility of incorporating Specials into the combos - is of vital importance. Perhaps you will heed these words if they will be resonated by The Magneto himself!

HAH!, Spider-Man! You OBVIOUSLY fail to see that incorporating
Specials into combos is of VITAL importance. As such: BE CRUSHED!

The Magic Series combo system exhibits sober balance between flexibility and rigorousness, inviting you not only to master potent combos, but to explore if you could bid farewell to a suggested limit via creativity and inventiveness. Marvel Super Heroes encourages you to master the basic moves and to develop new combos via presenting the possibility of taking the fight to the air. Each character is able to produce a Super-Jump, which is a much more pronounced form of spatial alteration of the self than your everyday average TV session would consort with.

Getting airborne with your character is great fun and here is why: while in the air, you have all the time in the world - plus/minus some casual Eons - to decide what form of radical atrocity you will punish the Below by, or, if the enemy has no will waiting around to be sufferer of your verdict, she/he could either prepare some surprises for you, - as you will not see the opponent if you are in the air solo, you will only see an indication of the physical location of her/him - or, the enemy could join you in the skies to wage war with the epic pale cable rainbow behind your back, who - the pale cable rainbow, that is - is a regular mental construct here at Mamereview.

There are good reasons to invite your rival to the skies. First and foremost, there is a particular relation pattern utilizable by each character - see the Guide below - that will punish the airborne opposition via a solid Air Combo that could be finished uniquely on a per character basis. In fact, a whole, related subsystem is included, in which the significance of moves that do send superheroic sitorgans to the air, does become quite relevant. As such: there is an option of going airborne, and, if your opponent is not too keen of doing that, then there always is option of forcing her/him to do so nevertheless.

Definite issues?! What do you MEAN definite issues?!

Marvel Super Heroes is heavily fixated on the concept of Infinity, hence the accessibility of Infinity Specials and Infinity Counters. Do not be as excited as you would be if you were twice the time as excited as I urge you to be not to, as the Infinity system is nothing less nor nothing more than a solid novelty-addition that lets you invoke - !oorgle! - special Specials - !oorgle! - once certain conditions are met. These requirements are simple enough. Noticed the Infinity Bar yet? No? Doh! Then notice the Infinity Bar, please. Noticed the Infinity Bar yet? Yes? Coolness.

Also notice: as you connect with successful attacks, this bar will gradually fill up until you see a number at its top. This number tells you the current levels of the Infinities you are in possession of. Some characters are able to store multiple Infinity levels, while others are capable to store only a single Infinity level. Either way, once at least one Infinity meter is accessible to your character, then you are ready to resonate your Infinity Special. The command for this is the same for all characters and it surely involves some good old fashioned simultaneous button smashing. Nothing too difficult, though. While Infinity Specials usually deliver a massive amount of damage, they become the most effective if used as part of a combo. Infinity Counters can only be used if certain, delicate conditions are met, though my experience shows that you have the best chance of executing an Infinity Counter if you have no desire to do so at all. Hah!

Infinity Gems? Do. Not. Swallow.

Indeed, Infinity Gems are nice additions that will give you and your opponent temporary superpowers if possessed and - then - used. Infinity Gems will be offered by the game each time a First Attack is administered, though each round will give some of these commodities for one- or both of the current fighters. There are six different types of Gems in the game, each coming with a different color and a different name. To use a Gem up, you need to give in the consensus command each characters do rely on to achieve this effect. A certain Gem will speed you up tremendously, - Time - while an other one will make your attacks more powerful - Power. One will give you the ability to shoot projectiles - Reality Gem - and one will grant a skin of granite to you for a short period of time: Space Gem. Well - actually, there is ONE type of Infinity Gem left yet. This commodity gives you temporal invincibility. Naaah! It regenerates your health bar. Naaah! OK, one of these variants does correlate with the truth, trust me. Nice perspectives, yes?

All characters have a Gem they are the most efficient with and there will be extra conditions present on a per character basis whenever a Gem is used. For example: the recovery time of Hulk's Fierce punch will be so short if the Time Gem is used that it is an utter sin to not to deconstruct your rival to a pulp while the Gem invites you to.

You can have more than one Gems in your possession at any given time. To cycle through multiple Gems, you can use the Start button. Or any other ones. But those will not necessarily deliver the same result, mind you. There will be occasions when your rival obtains the Gem which you were so desperately longing for. No problem! Score a Special attack on that hostile sitorgan and its bearer will drop the Gem which is so kind to you. Be aware though! If you are successfully assaulted - oxymoron? - by a Special and you have an unused Gem selected, - though not activated - then the selected Gem will be dropped. Question arises: what if you have more than ONE Gem when you get hit by a Special? And the Question remains a Mystery, waiting to be solved by our Dearest Visitors here at Mamereview.

"Shut the f*ck up with that song already!"

The game has a nice set of neat little extras, like the ability to "Tech-Hit" a throw attempt, by which you can avoid a potential slam. A Safety Roll also is implemented in the game, which is an elegant maneuver that lets you regain your composure after a knockdown in a way that may exhibit potential threat to your rival by positioning you right into attack position instead of the napping position.

The characters in Marvel Super Heroes have a relatively limited set of Special moves, yet, fortunately all regular moves are suitable to be connected into a certain Special move. This will give you an increased level of freedom to invent combos, though forming- and executing more advanced maneuvers will demand definite PPP. That is practice, patience and precision, my precious. I would tell you to consult the Guide at the end of the article for more information, and, hell, I will, too! Please consult the Guide at the end of the article for more information. As you already have seen by now, instead of delivering Specials on their own, Marvel Super Heroes invites you to form and press emphasis on incorporating moves - including Specials - within suitable connector moves, hence forming more complex series of actions.

Marvel Super Heroes remains a solid delivery to this day, one which captures the Marvel comic atmosphere with a strict and conscious hand, yet does not fail to deliver the good old Capcom Cheesiness Factor, proudly relying on the usual, incomprehensibly bad voice acting and pink music of riskless silicon thrills. The game includes Capcom's Trademark Terrible Announcer whom you hear in every single installment the company was gracious enough to produce, but, what is even better than this, is the fact that the respective names of the Special moves will thoroughly be exclaimed upon Special move introduction! Iron Man's Proton Cannon is not suitable for anyone under the age of 1 000 000, and, from then on: it is pure fun, anyway.

Marvel Super Heroes Guide

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Monday, July 6, 2009



Bio-Attack is yet another- and a quite literal system shock from an era that had little if any considerations if the audience will be able to reach the - probably non-existent - end of the game. As Satan of Saturn does, Taito's 1983 effort delivers endless fun - hah! - and related, good old quality frustration of myriad subtle alterations, inviting you to establish the highest score possible in a game environment that offers tints of an inventive variety.

Yet, this is no joyride my friend, as this here proud retroshock remains wise enough to know that no lifeform with physical characteristics is likely to survive the mayhem unleashed herein. Think you can handle this Bio-Attack? I think you can. Have a go and let me invent a sinister smile behind your shoulder secretly, silently. You see - you should be able to deliver 100.000 in Bio-Attack with me and my loathsome mate standing behind your back, as these are the exact traits that define the Champion. If you plan to BE one: you MUST BE able to handle the pressure. Can't see what I am getting at? I'm getting at the delicate braincells, as does this here baby via amazing determination and ruthless efficiency. Enter the -


Enjoy and Read on!

The game unfolds in a human nervous system and you must eradicate the viruses present in this environment. You control - take your pick - an average spaceship or an average tiny nanobot. OK, let's get liberal here: you control a tiny nanobot spaceship. Bio-Attack brings numerous focal traits to the table, all of which make it one of the more memorable deliveries, and, without a doubt: one of the hardest games ever to entertain consensus.

First and foremost, the projectile of your nanobot spaceship covers the tremendous width of one pixel while traveling away from your shuttle, thus you need quality precision aiming - redundancy? - to bring proper punishment - oxymoron? - upon the viruses. The game uses rather smart behavior patterns to control the meanies, though the other chunk of the challenge is the natural- and necessary result of the sheer number they will harass the system by. Most of the entities are able to shoot projectiles at you, alas!, a good thing that you can Robin Hood those shots to be the definite nanobot in your imagination - AND to cause all the ladies in the vicinity to fall at your feet in honest awe and endless appreciation. One of the effects is not guaranteed, though.

Bio-Attack invites you on a journey taking place between vital organs of the human nervous system, connected by the casual veins you will travel through to administer conservative cleansing all over the place. Though a little map is rendered at the right corner of the screen, it seems to me that no logical progress is happening on it while you are completing levels. You will reach the various spots at numerous times, so it seems safe enough to assume that the developers did not expect the players to be able to reach the center of the mind - so why bother modeling it, right? And what does the center of the mind have to do with the condition of the nervous system? Hah! A lot, even a LUT!

Once you have traveled through the consecutive vein, the game will present a sub-mission to you. These sequences are quite hardcore and do deliver elements forged of clever inventiveness, requiring an extremely sharp level of skills. Sk1ll2, even. One of these sub-missions have an affection for All Things Packman and it invites you to clear a maze area of the viruses before the oxygen runs out. This is not yet enough: you need to have a sufficient amount of oxygen (time) to be able to withdraw from the area, as well. Sometimes the walls of the maze will fade away, hindering your progress considerably in case you have failed to make a mental image of the walls. Make a mental image of a Lamborghini and it will manifest, too! That's no secret.

The other two sub-missions are the sequences in which Bio-Attack punishes you rather strictly and elegantly. These sequences are similar to love affairs, as they are taking place in the heart. That was an attempt at offering a joke and I don't mind resonating this as otherwise you may have missed the attempt altogether.

In the first massive minigame, you need to eliminate a mastermind virus, naturally represented by a tiny ball. What makes it a mastermind virus? Easy: first, it is coated by an immense amount of spatial defense which you must eliminate to reach the mastermind virus. Needles to say that the damned thing itself demands a couple of shots to finally withdraw. Secondly, it has very effective bodyguards that are equally good at mocking you- and at kicking your sitorgan around.

The mockery part: you can paralyze the bodyguard creatures for a short period of time with a well placed shot. Or, even with a not-too-well placed shot. The point is to hit them, you feel me? And here is the catch: in case you hit a paralyzed bodyguard creature - then the thing will revive and will continue to harass you. These entities will do their best - which is relatively much, trust me - to organize themselves into effective formations in front of the defense system of the mastermind virus, making your life a pitiful remembrance-attempt sewn of silent, intense suffering. I can relate, baby. And surely, we can talk about it.

So, here is what you will initially do: you will shoot around like crazy, hoping to deconstruct the defense system of the mastermind virus. But you will inevitably hit the bodyguards while doing this and your consecutive shots will revive them if you fail to embed sane TACTICS into your assaults. Strategical movement, precise aiming, shots with meaning behind them - hmmm - and the readiness to improvise all become essential elements in order to survive these sessions.

The other sub-mission is similar in its nature, only this time you are to take out green sinister mastermind anuses. The first mastermind anus comes solo, - self-confidence par excellence - but the consecutive ones will come in pairs. These blasphemous abominations of inconceivable proportions will throw hideous shots of green BEEP! at you and their bodyguards are rather swift and aggressive, coming to you in combined patterns that will give quality HOOOLLLYSHIT! time to all who show honest interest. See the tiny growths at the sides of the organ? Those are actual gameplay elements you can stumble into, more specifically: they are deliberately placed there so there are things in the game environment that you COULD stumble into. These will prevent you from moving horizontally in case the tail of your nanobot shapeship < - admire the typo please - is stuck between them. You can escape from the grip of course, but it is a very effective method to force you to be in touch - BGAH! - with your environment during the session.

Bio-Attack shines considerably with its immensely demanding sub-missions, while it delivers an acceptable form of orthodox-style scroll-action with not too much variety to it whenever you find yourself roaming in the veins. The sub-missions do remain memorable challenges, resonating retro hardcore beauty on decibels no casual fan dares to face without a casual nuclear shelter shielding her/him from it.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Killer Instinct


Many do claim that 1994 was an actual date in history with people living their curious lives, having casual fun under morose cable rainbows. Bah! Little if any do these scientific observers know about the favorite interests and pastimes of the violent arcade geek with the well developed affection for all things post- apocalyptic. Killer Instinct scouts out fictional areas conceived in a future that worships violence and finds rampant pleasure observing the twisted beauty it delivers. The game made its debut of aggressive retinaseduction with a visual/modal style vivid and radical enough to solidify the output as one of the most memorable VS installments.

Enjoy and read on!

Killer Instinct arrives by a time that already have seen illustrious franchises and The Lady Kier! emerge. Mortal Kombat, the Street Fighter series, even Sega's Virtua Fighter is available to the public and the style is quite popular by the period. Killer Instinct comes to the arcades as a rather unorthodox machine, sporting a muscular CPU which is steadily supported by a highly secretive hard drive. This storage capacity throws the green light on a massive amount of data, giving - totally and completely blissful - possibility to invoke pre-rendered 3D backgrounds. Increased efficiency to store data enabled the developers to go Nuclear with the detail work, giving you delicious, rather large 2D characters, ready and able to splatter some quality guts around in high definition. Did you believe that? From a technical point of view, an evident, elegant Killer we are talking about, living up to its name right by its debut minute.

Thank God that Killer Instinct sports the most trite - and subsequently most beautiful - post-apocalypse setting the human mind - ok, the sedated sloth mind - could conceive. You know the drill, it is something like:

"... then the remaining survivors are forced to retreat from the surface of this here scorched, sorrowful Earth! Radical entertainment is the only form of mass pleasure, preventing a dangerously hectic society from losing its fragile balance!"

This setting never gets old, because it is beyond being old since times immemorial. The Ultratech Corporation organizes the Killer Instinct Tournaments, toe to toe battles taking place between illustrious participants, all of them having rather inventive characters, background stories and -perplexedly! - consorting agendas.

I find Killer Instinct to be especially strong and brave in its atmosphere, in its modal buildup. The character roster is exceptionally flamboyant, even inventive - creating a spectrum in which you won't find the same flavor or tint of color twice. Got any doubts? Consult the Optional Randompraise of the Killer Instinct Character Roster section then.

Optional Randompraise of the Killer Instinct Character Roster

Spinal is an ancient warrior. At default, he is dead since millenniums, yet now he reigns in sheer skeletal form, revived by Ultratech. Pretty traditional delivery from a storytelling point of view, yet this nice, kind of a classic fictionmodel does a very elegant job of introducing a skillfully outlined past to a skillfully crafted future.

Riptor is a genetic experiment. Hm. A geneRic experiment, you thought? AND a possible tribute to Primal Rage, huh? A modest WOW nevertheless, as commanding rampant T-Rexes was great fun for the whole family in 1994 - we are only one year after Stevie Spielberg's Jurassic Prick!! - and I have a PayPal Donation to make that it remains great fun for the same type of community to this day, as well.

Cinder is a convict, trapped in some relatively crazy existence characterized by a constant self-burning that WOULD consume the flesh - but this man has a SIN so DREADFUL that his spirit forces him to re-experience torment without END, without RELIEF. I confess I made half of this up. Which part is the actual background story of Cinder, you wonder? Yet Another Amazing Reason to be a regular.

Glacius is an ice-alien. Exhibits evident T1000 influences from Terminator 2. Question arises: why would we have any problem with this? Sabrewulf delivers a nice, massive goth impact on the atmosphere, no woman nor man could play as a werewolf in a 2D fighting game prior to this. Let's face the Strange: werewolves are kind of cool, and, according to popular mainstream mythology, - worship redundance, then kill it with ignorance - they shred Vamp butts!

Killer Instinct delivers even when it comes to those popular "BAH! Every. Body. Picks. Them." characters. Some people will tell you that the most popular characters of the game are Orchid and TJ Combo. That is a lie, I think. The most popular character of Killer Instinct is Orchid. Period. Yes, TJ Combo would be the next in line in popularity, but you will never select this muscular brada', as the Orchid with the different outfit color - press up and down on character selection - looks waaay better, yes?

Even when she has the mild Michael Jackson going on.

and now -

The Gameplay

Killer Instinct comes with two health bars, though you won't necessarily believe this until you see the first one being destroyed, just to be replaced by the second, final one. The game comes with six action buttons. If it came with any less, consider yourself an unlucky dudette and demand a flawless model from the factory. If it came with more than six action buttons, then contact the favorite identity of your optional multiple personality disorder, which, I guess, could be even me, huh? Anyway. Three kinds of punches and kicks are available: Quick, Medium and Fierce. Block happens by the traditional way, meaning all you have to do is to pull your sista'/duda' towards the opposite direction the attack is coming from. The first elegant catch of Killer Instinct slowly and surely emerges though.


- How was that again?
- The Shadow of Your Smiiiile - When You ... Were Gooooone ...

In this here game, you can perform a block in the lower region or you can perform a block in the upper region. Doing the two simultaneously would be a nice trick to show off, but, luckily/sadly, no one will be able to do that without cheating. Here is how the system works: an attack aimed for the upper body region will smash a low guard, but will be blocked on an upper defense. An attack aimed for the lower body region naturally will bypass a high block, but will be blocked and will cause no damage if it meets with a successful lower block.

The system of Quick, Medium and Fierce punches and kicks offers a solid basis for the steady pace the game flows at, giving the players an experience of swift tactical warfare characterized by two or three exchanges AND consecutive attempts to introduce Specials and/or Combos. Killer Instinct likes to seduce its participants to be engaged in fervent bloodshed with relative intensity. I have a scientific observation to defend this here latest notion with.

Behold how the characters are moving way faster when they are approaching their rivals. Backpedaling is an option in the game, but a fragile one for escaping. Remains useful for Combos and Specials that require you to utilize a so called "Charge", though. We will observe these Charges later on thoroughly.

Playing Killer Instinct with a keyboard on a PC on MAME while your neighbor has no idea of this at all, will give you amazing Specials. First of all, be sure to tap around on the direction keys like an accomplished idiot would do in Masterful Manic mode. The effect will be tremendous! Also notice one of the tiny Wonders that Killer Instinct delivers: Fulgore's metal body will collide with the ground via a highly acceptable metallic sound, even upon finishing a jump. This is all very tender AND a nice base to sew sentiments of later on, true? Now let me ask you this:

What do you think will happen if Fulgore's metal body collides with snow, wood or ice on the backgrounds that have snow, wood or ice on them? What do you think will happen then, huh?
Now unto the gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay Mechanics

A Quick kick deals less damage than its other variants, yet it connects before a concurrent stronger kick would do. An orthodox method to punish the newbie in Killer Instinct is to "steal" a row of quick strikes or punches on her/him while she/he is busy introducing Specials. Notice how dramatic the damage dealt by a Fierce kick is when compared to that dealt by a Quick kick.

Specials come in two forms: those that do require Charging movements and those that do not. Charging is quite similar to what you have seen in Street Fighter II, for example. All it takes to perform is to constrain your movement towards the required direction - usually back - then release with the given command to state your Special and/or Combo. In fact, I am tempted to believe that there are no Charge movements in Killer Instinct apart from the "Away" direction - BUT!, since I defy belief with ruthless efficiency, I believe I'll defy to believe that from now on.

MAME Review Killer Instinct Minigame!

Image Hosted by

Can you spot the ass?

The game partly is about Specials, yet it is massively about Combos. Combos are the bread and butter of what Killer Instinct really is. Each character have a number of Specials that are utilizable to Open a Combo. Combos, as you may have suspected already, are offensive moves you land on your puny rival with rapid succession, giving her/him no time to regain composure. Not giving the time is not identical of not GETTING any, though. We will see into this matter later.

MAME Review gives you:
The not too GTA IV screenshot.

As far as the Killer Instinct Combo system goes, you need to master Openers, Linkers and Enders. And, everything else that do not fall into these aforementioned categories. These cited elements are executed automatically once you give in the appropriate commands, yet the name of the game here is your own readiness and trusty knowledge of implementing possible, additional hits before moving on to the consecutive Linker or Ender maneuver. Thus: the art of playing according to the rules of this system consists of two main ingredients:

1. finding the elements (hits) you could - effectively - smuggle in between the aforementioned categories of Openers, Linkers and Enders.
2. proving that the elements are implementable, merely by demonstrating your crazy Combo on any opposing butt foolish enough to stay in the presence of your amazing skill set of profane deconstruction!

The game monitors all successful Combo efforts and will categorize executed Combos on the fly. The basis of this is a simple, yet elegant naming convention, one which categorizes a Combo based on the number of successful hits it consists of. There are Triple, Super, Hyper ... etc. Combos up to Ultimate Combos, but those are invokable only if certain prerequisites are met. Once you master the Killer Combos of your favorite characters, you could call yourself a competent personificator of those particular participants and you could jump right on to master the Ultra Combos. Do not be afraid: Ultras are but two-three buttons away from you once certain prerequisites are met.

Combos can be broken by the proper Combo Breaker move. Each character have a Special which is suitable to be utilized as a Combo Breaker as well, but, in order to use a particular Breaker Special effectively, you should know what kind of attack - Quick, Medium or Fierce - you want to break the opposing Combo on. If you are new to Killer Instinct and all this sounds like Chinese Mandarin to you, then you are getting close to understand, trust me. The Combo Breaker system is quite similar to the Stone, Paper, Scissors game, yet thorough knowledge of the characters and their Combos will be a must to find/reveal/recognize and PLAY True Fun out of this underlying system, one which invites you to explore depths rarely offered by the genre.

In the Guides this review points you to at the end, you will find extensive information on Combos and Combo Breakers.

The Killer Instinct Dilemma for the Miserable and the Proud

Or: Are You a Presser or Not?

As you will see while you perfecting your Killer Instinct, Ultra Combos are quite easy to trigger: all they require is a flashing hostile health bar and - as mentioned - a combination of two-three buttons once a Combo is being performed. Now, here is the catch and also here is the Killer Instinct Dilemma for the Miserable and the Proud.

Once invoked, Ultra and Ultimate Combos will come to their glorious manifestations as acceptably long sequences of successful attacks. You are pretty much free to sit back, grab a beer and/or a (couple of) well shaped (fe)male knee(s) and enjoy the Ultra or Ultimate Combo you have just stated.

But! If!

You are one of the Miserable and the Proud, then you will not do this. The Miserable and the Proud player of Killer Instinct will push the buttons around in a highly manic manner once the Ultra or the Ultimate Combo is triggered - making absolutely everyone believe that he is a One in a Million kind of player, a Legit Archtalent, a VS Type Fighter Demigod! Absolutely everyone, granted that we are talking about the happy people who have zero idea about the workings of the game, that is. Ultras are nice additions, as they are glorious Finishes you could flatter your best Killer Combos with, yet they also are the Bittersweet Solace of the Lazy and the Incompetent, and THIS - is acceptable.

Just not laugh when you spot a Killer Instinct Ultra Combo Presser showing off the Godlike Skillzzzzz. First of all, it might hurt the feelings, not to mention that the point of the game is to remain Ultra Serious when an Ultra Combo is being guitar-soloed in front of your very eyes.

Question arises though: is it satisfying to push the buttons around like a mad person when your automated Ultra/Ultimate is triggered and plays along safely, regardless of your actions?
The only honest answer for this question is this: you must seek YOUR answer for this question. And yes, I asked Yoda and he confirmed, too. (Yoda is a Presser by the way.)


Killer Instinct had no aspiration for being accused of coming short of the cute novelties and good old fatalities the era and the style demanded by the day. The game delivers acceptably yet not too memorably in this regard. Each participants have multiple finishing moves - fatalities, if you will - and all of them could engage the opponent in a brief, nevertheless somewhat satisfying dance session, too. Once you have mastered the ropes and you are in the possession of the "basic" - HAH! - combo set of your favorite characters, the game invites you to explore even deeper waters by mastering the highly secretive Shadow Combos and related delicacies that deliver additional content to the game.

As you may have suspected by now, Killer Instinct brings you a rather sophisticated system with plenty of moves and secrets to discover. The knowledge about the game is vast already, therefore I give you a link which points to the most serious and truthful Killer Instinct Guides the human race has grateful knowledge of.

Killer Instinct Guides for the Arcade version, emulated by MAME

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Satan of Saturn

EVIL 0.75b

1981. Celluloid molester-, accomplished mindscorcher, Stanley Donen JUST gave you Saturn 3, the science-fiction statement in which Kirk Douglas reveals body parts NO MAN WITNESSES and goes away with his SANITY INTACT!

The facial expressions will invite you to develop fresh-, and way more proper definitions of Epic Endurance, as well. Follow the link < - deliberate repetition as an element of rampantly aggressive marketing strategy - to confirm, and to start finding the first 5 reasons of the infinite number of reasons of which all do tell you that checking out Saturn 3 is no longer an aspect of the known Universe you can safely ignore.

I suspect that the Japanese evildo... developers responsible for the Highly Illegal Space-Time Rift represented proudly by this here gem, have seen, surely MUST HAVE seen Saturn 3. The game speaks the language of Space Invaders, yet exhibits quite a few clever traits by which we must regard the title as one of evident aspirations and - as hinted delicately - immense evilness.

Is Evil the capacity to Harm without Remorse? HAH! The Satan of Saturn LAUGHS at your indecisive fumbling, puny human, being ready to confront you with the True Definition of Evil.

Muhaha ZISSSS, baby!

it has come to the attention of the Galactic Sanity Keeper Committee that the embedded Satan of Saturn video, as of the moment of this report, is no longer available. The Committee utilizes all its channels and its stupendous influence - including telepathic willbending and EMP bursts - to solve the matter. In case you see the video, then the Committee apologizes for taking fruity seconds away from the amazing accomplishment you relentlessly work on and call an earthy lifetime. You see: a Committee is a Master at worshiping Minutes, and a Grand Master at wasting Hours.

Enjoy and Read on!

The game gives you - illegally, I'm sure - musical sequences from Star Wars, combine the very planet name Saturn to it, and you have the era's quite effective- and quite relentless space punishment at your fingertips. Satan of Saturn demonstrates sublime deviations from the trends established/outlined earlier by its aforementioned primal inspirator, finding inventive channels to present a solid, fresh take on the genre. The ability and necessity to deconstruct hostile UFOs won't likely register as an idea you and your dog never heard of before, yet the monsters will exhibit multiple agendas and consorting, radically different movement patterns, all of which will accelerate based on the performance you dare to resonate towards the Satan of Saturn.

As far as the multiple agendas of the hostiles are concerned, these are as follows:

1. Destruct Player Butt.

2. Destruct Space Structure that Emits Player Butt.

The latter being the mothership that releases your shuttle each time you start a new level, or in case you have lost a life, but still have at least one left. The hostiles will exhibit immense, even EMENCE interest in killing off your only ally Death Star style, you know, little stuff into the little hole. Most of the enemy patterns - not all though, which is an interesting addition on its own - will incorporate the intention to reach the opening you see on the mothership below you. If you let even one attacker through, then the mothership is toast, and you are toast with it, baby, as there will be no mothership to give you another life. Sad, yes?

Let us conclude via eager nodding of our heads that this is a very elegant method to enforce the player to take risks and master the hostile patterns, as, safety gameplay will result in the UFOs coming through. You know they are here already. You know they are watching. You know they need you. You know that they are communicating with you through the television set. You have seen that all before. The message is so clear, so obvious, so evident! You know it will find you again. It MEANT to.

Well, where were we? Oh, yes! We covered the first portion of Satan of Saturn, that being the
segments in which the Planet Saturn spills UFOs at you to question your integrity and/or to eradicate your only ally in this game, the mothership. These initial attempts usually consist of six- or seven rushes you need to survive, - preferably by killing all the baddies, yes - then comes the second sequence that consists of an entirely different kind of rush: bombing. Two fleets will go for your sitorgan, one from the left, one from the right. Not all of them will drop bombs, but finding out (experiencing) which one will and which one won't, is the natural, effective field of operation of these great segments. A bad reaction to an incoming bomber is a good demise watched by the bomber hostiles. If you are the Bad Enough Dude to overcome the bombers - which, as it seems to me, are easier sequences than the first periods - then the game, instead of telling you to

GO *+,:@#!! YOURSELF!

tells you ,to:

the GO TO THE SATURN screenshot

Letting you know that this is something the game considers a personal matter between it and you from now on. Saturn, according to the representation delivered by this here retroid delicacy, is a pretty hostile place. These sequences will reveal your pilot, I assume?? Not sure, really. You control some weird looking stuff, that seems pretty defendable, though. The game will put you against some crazy spacebugs, moving rather fast and unpredictable. They molest consensus from top to bottom with a perplexed enough intention of eating you up alive! Shooting is their thing, too. So, it's quite challenging, but, at the same time, rather refreshing to - "lure" the living BEEP! out of them, naturally. The spacebugs have the ability to teleport back to the top of the screen once they reach the bottom. In case you emerge triumphant against the spacebugs, then representatives of the Ultimate Defenders of Saturn will put you against a new kind of despair! If you ever saw a mosquito on radical recreational drugs, then you will face this challenge well prepared! If not - then you WILL! Meaning: you will see them.

Once the mosquitoes are out of the picture - literally, you feel me!? - the game tells us that it is time for the new pattern. These new patterns are the effective levels of the piece, and, according to my subjective, nevertheless scientific observations, they mostly mean a gradual increase in speed, affecting both the movement of the hostiles and their projectiles. This is how the game goes: three sequences to take part in with a gradual increase in speed. Where does the hinted Evil come in then? HERE:

See my amazing score of 99480 even the Satan of Saturn is completely baffled by?? Don't worry, I am not a Cosmic Immortal, or at least I fail utterly at noticing it so far: this score is the result of saving the game constantly, and reloading it when my ass got fried. I did this to see what the game has to offer at its end, and, here is True Evil: the game has NO end. The developers - I think, quite correctly - thought that no human being will be able to reach 100.000 points in their game, so, guess what: once you reach 100.000, the counter resets and you are free to wage your war on against the Satan of Saturn. And NO, I don't think the game could go any faster than it already is by the time you reached 100.000.

Does this take away something from the piece? Evidently, and here is why: I think you can get away with infinite gameplay if you are free to score - but, resetting the counter to zero after a certain point takes all aspirations away from continuing on. Heck, a


would have been awesome, I think. Without this, the Timeless Laughter of the Satan of Saturn still rings in my ear once I see an arcade cabinet from behind, but, the Laughter stays absent when I watch political debates.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fatal Fury 3


Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory is the fourth installment of the series, as this particular title comes to you as the direct follow-up to Fatal Fury Special, the actual third statement of the franchise. Do not exhibit the Special Turbo Edition 2 Fear yet, though.

While the cited Special variant of Fatal Fury, essentially speaking, is an improved version of Fatal Fury 2, it also sported trends - even hidden! trends - that made it both an extremely popular delivery, AND an output SNK chose to develop further on. Following the 1993 Fatal Fury Special that offers a subtle, yet quite cunning blend of existing SNK games, the firm gives us this here third episode in 1995. Fresh territories, approached from familiar paths - seems like a legit method to settle crisp elements you could offer consecutive blends with in a future of perspectives and sweet responsibilities, right? Perhaps we will see whether such an idea occurred to SNK, as well.

Enjoy and Read on!

Fatal Fury 3 offers a set of the more recognized characters the series has by the release date of this effort, along with five newcomers and a highly confidential number of mysterious main meanies. Since each classic- and fresh characters are fueled by the mutual desire to weigh in as memorable sprite-imprints at the end of the sessions, let us see if they exhibit convince power we must count with.

The core system utilizes quite a few of the focal elements that fueled the previous Fatal Fury installments. A primal trait of the series is the ability - or, even need - to molest opposing entities on multiple planes. Fatal Fury 3 keeps this particular tradition intact, even refined, now giving you a Front, a Middle and a Back plane to wage war on. Characters are able to switch between these Planes by consensus commands, and, as with the previous Fatal Fury titles, your palette of executable actions is deeply dependent on the Plane you standing on at the moment.

The Plane system always was a neat trait in the series, now is the time to devote steep attention to the more complex implementation Fatal Fury 3 delivers the method with. Now each character has a rather robust set of quasi-Specials specifically tailored to Plane-Based combat. These maneuvers do come via different attack types and you surely could assault multiple body regions with them, while switching Planes still remains a safe method to leap out of the way of most attacks and even Specials - granted of course that you happen to be a Bad Enough Dude and swift enough to do that.

The K.O. Move simply NEVER gets old - because it IS old already.

While blocks and Throws all do use the same methods you already could familiarize yourself with via the previous Fatal Fury statements, there is a nice set of nifty Specials that are massively context sensitive. A good example would be Geese Howard, who now is a playable character. Geese is Master, even a Masta of countering attacks with quite satisfactory Throws, yet, you need to invoke these Specials in the right time, AND in the right context to successfully state them. An example: Geese must be attacked by a Special to make his Dragon Throw invokable.

Fatal Fury 3 introduces a semi-coarse, nevertheless fresh addition in the form of its combo system, inviting you to master the respective chain attacks of each character, usually made out of four- or five consecutive hits. Surely, you can stop a chain any time you like, but, naturally, the main idea is to perform your combos all the way through, dealing sentimental quality damage in the hostile organic structure in front of you. This early, and, as such: quite significant implementation of a combo system is one of the most important traits this sequel brings to the fray, regardless the fact that it is not of a supercomplex character yet.

It seems to me that the - sorry about that - special Specials became a little more tricky to pull off, the main reason being the more precise rhythmization you must give SOME of them in with. A circumstance that becomes quite noticeable when dealing with various Desperation Specials, as we will now see.

While Command moves and the "common Specials" are easy enough to invoke, some of the Desperation moves have a tendency of occupying the identical button commands as a certain Special - or even Specials - of your character relies- or do rely on. The factor to decide whether you unleash your stock-Speciality or your Desperation - is entirely dependent on the precision of the tempo you give the command in with. Cool design, huh?

Well, it IS, and it ISN'T, because:

1. Desperations ain't too easy to pull off, thus you will be satisfied when you managed to do them, but -

2. Desperations ain't too easy to pull off, thus you won't exactly be satisfied when you invoke a stock-Special instead, which uses the same initial command as your Desperation.

To put it shortly, you have supersteep chance of assaulting good old air molecules with a Special instead of your Desperation move - until you master the tempo required to introduce the Desperation, that is.

Hon Fu - left - is one of the 2 entities whom I would cheerfully kill with ANY instrument you could name - Origami Flower, Plastic Soldier, Toothpick: all included.

We must hastily take care of a pretty dangerous and highly illegal timeleak in the fabric of the Universe, so let me remind you that certain conditions MUST be met before you could demonstrate your Super Desperation Special, let alone your Hidden Desperation.

The first one is the easier to pull off: once your lifebar reaches the critical state which it reacts to by intense flashing: you are free to deliver the Super Desperation, even in rapid succession, if you can. Hidden Desperations though require you to invite them in the round that is about to decide the outcome of the battle: the invitation itself happens by pushing all the action buttons you can find, - meaning the buttons of the keyboard/interface you playing on you know, it's not like you need to push all the action buttons in the known Universe AND Beyond - including the Start button once you see the GO! text appear on the screen. On a standar keyboard layout, that would be:

Left CTRL+
Left ALT+

If you gave the command in successfully, your character's name will turn bright green and you will be free to resonate your Hidden Desperation once your lifebar starts to flash. One Hidden Desperation/round, though.

Can you find the Hidden Desperation on this image?

Inviting the possibility to rely on the move is not the most difficult part though, quite the contrary: the invite command is but the introduction to Hidden Desperations. These moves are definite PITAs to demonstrate, as they are usually composed of three individual command chains that require extreme precision to sew together, thus making the Hidden Desperation a finalized- and successful attempt, forming before your very eyes as you give in these complex chains. Sadly though, in my opinion, the hardest part is NOT to keep the chain, but to START it at the first place.

Trust me, french kissing a cobra on amphetamine - meaning: it is the cobra who is on amphetamine - is a much more manageable task than giving the Hidden Desperation in to a CPU enemy in Fatal Fury 3, mainly because the difficulty it poses to introduce the first chain. Surely, it's not Near the Impossible - like skiing through a revolving door is - yet the game gives you blatantly shallow chances to shine via your ultimate delicacies, I would say.

The output has some cool, yet quite minor supportive elements you can play around with, these are invokable K.O. moves and Send to Background moves, spiced up by much less satisfactory "unique attractions" that you can utilize only on one- or two maps. Like a Ceiling-Fatality, a definite "Uhuh, So What?" vibe for the whole family.

Characterized by the stable Fatal Fury traditions that do arrive to you with a more complex Plane- and an inventive Combo system, this here 1995 installment of the series certainly registers as a solid effort, with but the extremely fragile Hidden Desperations to cast a pseudo-shadow on it. An integral delivery nevertheless.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mars Matrix


Instead of the casual information apocalypse this here planet enthusiastically looked forward to in 1999, Takumi gave you Mars Matrix, a solid Bullet Hell effort to celebrate all the years starting with the digit "2" - AND beyond.

Published by Capcom and demonstrating pretty much all the colors and shapes the conservative Anime Mind could conceive by the day, Mars Matrix arrives to smash all your preconceptions about orthodox projectile sizes and their corresponding speed. Face the Bubblegum Shooter, and sink those extremely vicious teeth into it - be aware though that this effort will : Bite Yer Butt Back.

Enjoy and Read on!

The most curious thing that is about to assault your grateful senses is Mars Matrix's rendition method. The effort comes in a standard aspect ratio, which is something to be mildly perplexed about, considering that similar titles usually do arrive via the classic narrow screen realization, see Battle Garegga or DoDonPachi, or Bolo Yeung, who is BUT mildly related to our current session, though.

The core buildup is straightforward, presented in a fluent, flamboyant manner. You spend your quality time in this game by dodging the absolutely, I mean like: abbbbbsssolutely obscene number of incoming hostile projectiles, something to create rather solid focus-related fun in front of the crystal clear parallax scroll the game chases you on.

While the general tempo of the gameplay is not particularly difficult to keep up with, - exclude those Boss Fights now, baby - an awareness of the layout of the hostile units AND the inherent patterns the attack waves will come in by, will be: crucial. The less versatile mode you play Mars Matrix by, the harder it gets, and this weighs in as a primal trait of precious propensity. Let us see into this in detail.

You will rely only on a single attack button during the game, yet, depending how you handle this particular function, you can execute multiple forms of offense. Tapping the button will give you the good old projectile foam, while a short hold-and-release results in an abrupt, yet highly effective burst characterized by IDP. (Increased Damage Potential, why, what were you thinking?)

You can see a nifty little meter on the bottom left corner of the screen, - or, if you can't, then it is likely that we are discussing different outputs here - once this gauge is full, you are free to release the - please check chair and hold on to it - Singularity Cannon!

This particular baby will suck in every single hostile projectile on the screen and will throw them back at the enemies, eradicating all forms of mechanized existence in front of you. Behind you. Around you. Well, you could say:

Hey, this is a peace of quality cake, gimme the Singularity Cannon, like: FAST!

Sure, there you have it. Tend it, feed it, lick it, keep it. But, some pointers to be aware of: as the meter might have implied that to you already, Mars Matrix uses a nice balance system to prevent a superrepetitive reliance on the Singularity Cannon, though it is generally safe to say that you are free to lead a gameplay which is deeply dependent on the undoubtedly magnificent space-warpa' thing.

- Singularity Cannon ZISS!!, Baby!
- OK.

In my opinion, though the less you use the Singularity Cannon, the harder the game becomes, it is a SIN to overdo it. Be sure to check out how well - or, how miserably, har! har! - you perform without this Ultimate Device of Destruction. Following the Golden Rule of Shoot'em Ups, Mars Matrix always WILL offer the Gap you can slip through to attain good old survival, and the need of finding these in those extremely dire situations are the moments the game truly shines by, I would say. (Thus, I do say, too.)

You will have to deal with some highly elaborate RPG elements in the game as well, just substitute the expression "supercoarse" instead of highly elaborate. Offering two kinds of spaceships to play within, Mars Matrix will deeply reward you in exchange of collectible Golden Cubes. You will see an Experience Bar in the upper left corner: this gauge fills up as you collect these Golden Extras, slowly depleting when it does not get any content to bite unto. So, you want to feed it, thus attaining the next Experience level, which gives you more effective weapons AND slightly more stable hair on chest. For Ladies: how about more precisely defined calves? Me would dig that.

Each level concludes by quite demanding Boss Fights. As long as you have no conception about what to anticipate from the later Main Meanies of the game: then you will have a whole new series of redefinitions of the highly delicate term: immense suckage.

The key here, of course, is to remain the Relentless Screensaver - HAH! - who always finds the method to overcome obstacles by, let that be even the All Time Fav Insert Keyboard/Joystick Into Monitor Display Special. As a charming delivery fueled by memorable outbursts of an extremely foul temper, Mars Matrix gives you powerful tools to survive, yet, also delivers the question along with it:

Chickening Out Already, Singularity Boy?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Battle Garegga


1996 greets consensus with Battle Garegga, a Shoot'em Up statement by the 8ing and Raizing corporations. This title of considerable fame and well harvested notoriety introduces and sports quite a few unique traits, hardly seen anywhere else in the genre so far.

I think sober - yet mildly redundant - debate could be formed whether to regard Battle Garegga as a classic Shoot'em Up delivery OR a Manic Shooter similar to the great Gap Finder DoDonPachi, and here is why: Battle Garegga can be played in a way to make it as Manic as you have ever seen - yet you will want to handle this baby with great care and respect instead, because, believe you me, Battle Garegga will destruct human butt mercilessly once the organ in question starts to think that the Sun shines out of it.

Enjoy and Read on!

The game offers and dictates a pleasant initial pace, one which by it's easy to get carried away and render rampant destruction. As you will soon see: rampant destruction is something you will likely want to avoid in this game, though. As for the basic elements and circumstances Battle Garegga brings to the table, there are four selectable ships coming to you in multiple variants, each sporting a different kind of Secondary Punishment capability.

Collectibles can give you both multiple levels of Options - mobile devices to offer supportive fire - and heavily concealed access for weapons of manic mayhem and inherent, good old scenery destruction of acceptably sentimental qualities. All Stages do come to their respective Conclusions via well presented Boss fights, yet these face-offs are supersensitive to the performance of the player who just arrived to take part in them. Indeed, Battle Garegga is Highly Responsive to Players, as we will see.

The game offers a whole lot to destruct both in scenery and in hostile incoming vehicles, yet, once you give in to your secretive (?) weapon psycho, our notorious subject matter Battle Garegga will persistently inquire if you happen to have yet another trick up your sleeve. The output is not too shy at all, not when concerning the edge of its questions, not when we witness the arsenal it offers. Atop the evident ability of upgrading your initial equipment to messengers of senseless anger and/or incomprehensible armor penetration, your Secondary weapons will be collected as invokable Maximum Bursts of the corresponding weapon type. Was that a "huh?" for you? Nothing too difficult, really: once you collect a certain number of Bomb icons, those little images will turn into a Big-A*s bomb which will give you the aforementioned Maximum Burst upon release. In case you decide to stack your Secondary Verdict for a while, you can go for yet another of the Big Bombs/Maximum Bursts, simply by collecting Bomb icons further on. As for the Optional devices: there can be a maximum of four of those around you, but you can organize them into different, nifty formations via the third button. Battle Garegga has some secret formations - invokable and collectible when certain conditions are fulfilled, see Below - in store for us, as well.

Question quickly becomes evident: why not deconstruct all that can be deconstructed? The answer comes to us via Battle Garegga's invisible, yet ever-present Rank system. As a secretive, silent, yet painfully aware mathematical entity, this algorhythm is your worst, even worstest rival in the game. The Rank system keeps track of pretty much all aspects the output invites you to explore or to rely on. How much you shoot? How powerful your shots are? How often you release your Secondary weapons? Or, do you prefer to STACK them? How many Options you keep around your ship?

All these questions, and many more are being eagerly monitorized by Battle Garegga, in fact, the Rank gets higher with each shots you release, even better/worse: with each frame (!) you survive. If your perform masterfully, a point will come, from which on Garegga will hate your guts quite passionately and will punish it by exhibiting near-impossible challenges. The solution is to keep the Rank system from increasing beyond manageable challenges, yet the most effective method for this is to die. Whether on purpose, or by - bleheh - accident. The less life you have in stock, once your butt is fried: the greater the decrease in the Rank will be. As such, Extra lives are evident musts to go for, yet you should be aware that different regional variants of the game deliver Extra lives at different Score requirements.

Minor, nevertheless important methods are existent to keep the Rank system at relative, yet much needed peace. As a general rule, you don't necessarily want to destruct all, you don't want to shoot the naked air, you don't want to collect all Power Ups, especially not if they no longer mean instant benefit to you beyond Points. Though Autofire is available, it is something Battle Garegga is especially fond of being enraged at. You can program the Autofire, by the way: buffer in some crazy-ass shots, and your Autofire will remember the rate you stated. Keep in mind though that the game hates this classic function, and will start punish you thoroughly if you decide to rely on it constantly, trust me.

Medals and Options do play a significant role in the game, too. What was stated concerning destruction, enjoys its merits concerning collectibles. You don't want to rush on all stuff that is present on the screen at any given time - especially not incoming shots. Sorry, not all jokes do need to work, otherwise, how could we appreciate one which is capable to? Be aware that letting certain collectibles to get away will grant access either to items of more significant scores, or to more versatile tools of magnificent mayhem.

Since this particular subsystem AND the Rank method at the core are rather complex and sophisticated elements, I would urge you to consult the massively thorough, pretty much scientifically detailed Guide I gratefully deliver at the bottom. The Rank method also makes a rather unique experience out of this charming delicacy, offering a gameplay that invites you to implement strategy beside the natural readiness of Gap Seeking and to render a trusty, steady period of Proper Eradication. Question no longer is if you can utilize all tools to dominate the game - question is if you can utilize proper tools to stay alive in the game.

Battle Garegga invites, and, later on, even demands a different approach than most shmups do popularize, yet it delivers its unique experience by speaking the consensus dialect you, as Player, will be thoroughly grateful for and familiar with. Oh, the One and Only Sentence you absolutely MUST write down when you offer an opinion about Battle Garegga: it is hard to differentiate hostile projectiles from resultant junks and debris! Wow. What an acurate observation. Indeed it is. Yes. No doubt. A part of the game, you know. All in all, Battle Garegga weights in as evident, brave classic, inviting you timelessly to show it your awesometacular one credit run.

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